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Have a restaurant in Los Angeles or bar that is in need of more business?  New signage can help! We have all of the items to increase traffic and improve satisfaction, from message and menu boards to trendy write-on signs. Want a whole overall of signage for your restaurant www.Los can provide the right solution Call us and we can give you stock or custom signage that is tailored to you and your business. If you are in need of a sign for your restaurant in Los Angeles we will make you the talk of the town with beautiful restaurant signs in Los Angeles. www.Los  we are the reliable choice for your restaurant signs in the Greater Los Angeles area.



A broad selection of menu boards for restaurants & cafes in Los Angeles.The quality in Los Angeles Sign's design of menu boards is just a single element in the overall strength of our systems. Meticulous engineering is also a key factor. There are many seen and unseen details which combined, make for a durable and easy to use system in any restaurant, fast food chain or convenience store. Consider these features:

•Price Carrier System: Eliminates the need for price cross-outs and patches. We even supply extra number sets.

•Face Off System: Super-easy transparency changes. No board disassembly required.

•Unibody Construction: Ultra-rigid chassis hold the panels in pLos Angelesce. Multiple chassis are interlocked and then bolted resulting in a menu system that looks and functions like one piece.

•Slope System: Change item strips in seconds without removing any part of the menu board. The "slope" allows you to easily glide a strip on and off.

•Powerful Illumination: Our menu systems are bright and evenly lit. They utilize an amplified light transmission technology.

•Lift & Drop Face: RepLos Angelesce the bulbs or perform other maintenance chores easily. Just lift and remove the whole face. When you're done, pLos Angelesce the face back in and let it drop. Fast, simple, and easy.